Vacation Rental Guest Book

Vacation Rental Guest Book

Quotes from San Juan Suites vacationers

•”Great view, great walking access to ferry. We had a super time!”
–Wesel Family, Portland, OR“Wonderful, clean and comfortable.”

•”We enjoyed our stay. Beautiful Suites, all the accommodations of home. thx so much”

•”The view from the Northwest Passage was amazing! Thanks!”
–John & Catrina, LA, CA

•”Such a wonderful place to have our honeymoon! The view is amazing and the place is perfect! We will definitely be back.”
–Yvone & John

•”What a marvelous & fun place you have created! Every time I thought, ‘it would be great if the place had…’ in a few moments I would discover what I (we) wanted or needed. Truly a lot of thought went into creating this wonderful Oasis. We would love to return someday soon.”
–Susan, Davis, CA

•”We had a fabulous time this week. High Seas Suite was so clean, comfortable and convienient! Gordy & Lori – you really set this place up nice, we couldn’t have asked for any better! Thank you so much! We will see you again!”
–Tom & Suzie, Sisters, OR

•”Wonderful location and very comfortable here! Thank you we had a great time! See you in a few years.”
–Cathi & Jesse, Oshkosh, WI

•”We had a great time. This location is perfect for everything. The bay was bustling with activity, so fun to watch.”
–Sam & Diane, Reno, NV